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We follow the following steps for Ambay Domestic International Packers & Movers.

The brand strategy depends upon the type of firm it is going to be. Overall business strategy is the brand development strategy. From the beginning, it is to be decided where it is going after a stipulated time. Ambay Domestic International Packers & Movers is strong in strategy making and implementing.

Client identification is another important factor in a brand establishment. Once they are targeted now it is the time to please them. Every branded company has a customer base. A chunk of regular business comes from them. We have such records and we preserve them.

Customers’ satisfaction is the base of brand creation. To maintain the existing client base and increase it day by day, satisfying them is necessary. A pleased client creates referral business. We enjoy the references from our customers.

Publicity is the next major area where an organisation should focus to establish a brand. People should know the name and they should get it at ease who are in search through brand, logo, website. It is the age of electronic media. Hence to be present there are concerns for every company in any industry. Ambay Domestic International Packers & Movers do it in a very strong way with regular SEO and up-gradation of its website.

Implementation and follow-up is the final step towards the brand establishment. Many times strategy fails when the company gets into the regular working procedure. The ultimate goal is washed out. A follow-up in development in a regular interval is necessary. Ambay Domestic International Packers & Movers do on a regular basis.

(A) Working :

We proceed step by step towards the final goal. For that, we stress on proper planning. Our executive will contact you within a single call from your part. Sometimes they visit the location for a survey. Packing date is fixed on that day. Also, we take help of modern methods like WhatsApp. We use it for sending of pictures or quotations. Our expert officials do all this within the shortest possible time. On the date of packing, we decide the date of lifting your materials. Our transport will reach to you on the same day, and we start our loading. We take many measures to make it a damage-free move. Sometimes we use modern lifting devices in case of heavy lifting, like cars. We provide world-class packing every time.

Also, we prefer transit insurance for any relocation, but it is not a compulsion for any customer. It is for their benefit only. We do early settlement of any claims. No claim is entertained without any insurance.

(B) Payment and Billing :

Ambay Domestic International Packers & Movers keeps its every monetary transaction transparent. We never deviate from our prices once it is fixed. We don’t hold anything hidden from our customers. Sometimes we take advance of 50% and the rest after the delivery. People also pay us in full in advance also. We raise our bills immediately after the delivery is done.

Also, we are open to all modern methods. Cash is not always necessary. We support all the popular ways of payment.

(C) Insurance and Claims

Ambay Domestic International Packers & Movers always prefer transit insurance for any shifting job. But it is not a compulsion for our customers. We offer tension free services. But many incidents may occur in transportation that causes damage to your things. We compensate such losses with the insurance policy.

Moreover, we are fast in claim settlement. Many times we do it then and there. It is another quality that made us popular in the relocation market. Always we strive to give the best solution and service to our customers.